Xmas Jackpot

$15,491,103 Mega Jackpot win – now that’s a Xmas bonus!

At 12:30pm on Thursday 24 December 2020, a player known only as Kevin hit the Christmas miracle all gamblers dream of – over $15 million dollars at the Suncoast Casino in Nevada.

The Progressive Jackpot win on an International Game Technology slot machine is one of the biggest ever, and the largest over the last 8 years in the famous gambling state. Kevin apparently played a total of $40 before Lady Luck (in cahoots with Santa?) decided to shower some festive cheer – and a butt-load of moolah – on the slots player.

Some people have all the luck.

For the rest of the gambling fans out there – it could happen to you. And if you can’t make your way to Nevada there are always excellent online casinos for South Africans to try and create their own lucky windfalls. Check out the OCR casino reviews to see which online casinos are best for South African online gamblers and have some fun while tempting the fickle tides of fortune to flow your way.

We’re into 2021, a year that will hopefully help us forget the trials of 2020. Just remember, we all make our own luck and we all create our own paths in life.

Play responsibly, spend time with loved ones, be the change you want to see and here’s looking forward to 2021.

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