Miner Donkey Trouble

Miner Donkey Trouble review

A bad-tempered donkey. An old coot miner. And a mine packed with richly rewarding rocks and gems and gold nuggets. Are you ready to dig deep and unearth some big wins? Play’n GO’s Miner Donkey Trouble is packed with more features and bonuses than you can shake a stick or a carrot at, and you’ll need them all to get your donkey to help collect the cascading symbols in this fantastic online and mobile slots game.

The basics

Provider: Play’n GO

Type: Video slots

Reels: 5

Rows: 7

Paylines: Cluster pays

RTP: 96.27%

Bet range: 0.10 to 100.0

Bonus features: Cascading Symbols, Wilds, Free Spins, Multipliers, Symbol Removal, Mega Symbols

Volatility: High

Mobile version: Yes

Hit or miss: Hit

Miner Donkey Trouble

The OCR review


Miner Donkey Trouble is a true gem of an online slots game from Play’n GO. While the eponymous miner and his donkey are searching through the gem-rich tunnels, players will be unearthing a 5×7 cascading symbols online slot game that is absolutely bursting with bonus features.

It’s a beautifully rendered online slots game with amazing backgrounds and colourful symbols, and the addition of two adorable characters in the old prospector and his donkey, but the true value is in just how many extras Play’n GO have managed to add into this fast-paced and exciting game.

Every spin seems to set off an avalanche of excited anticipation whether for seeing all those rocks and gems being collected, watching them disappear to be replaced by even more opportunities to rack up wins, or hitting one of the many additional features to get ever bigger rewards, Miner Donkey Trouble keeps players on the edge of their seat and avidly glued to the screen.

And it’s fast. The gameplay action is smooth and constantly moving. There are plenty of animations and little moments that grab players’ attention. And, of course, the cluster pays mechanic ensures lots of constant wins.

Players will be digging out the rocks and gems to gather as many as possible together while also keeping an eye out for the gold nuggets that bring in the multipliers. Every winning combo will also build up the carrot meter and get the donkey going into destruction mode to eliminate all the low paying symbols for bigger wins.

It’s a gem of a game, as we’ve mentioned, and kudos to Play’n GO for bringing us such a vibrant and thrilling online and mobile slot that had us engaged from the opening scene to all the features and wins.


The symbols in Miner Donkey trouble all follow the mining theme, from the rocks and gems collected to the Wilds and other feature symbols.

Symbols from lowest to highest paying: Brown Rock, Blue Rock (same value); Green Rock, Yellow Rock (same value); Purple Gem; Blue Gem; Green Gem; Red Gem.

Additional symbols to swing your pickaxe at are the Miner’s Pickaxe, the Diamond Wilds, and the Dynamite Scatters.


Play’n GO have brought their A-game when it comes to design and graphics. Great detail, impressive backgrounds, and fun animations bring Miner Donkey Trouble to glorious life.

Keep an eye on the dust falling from the ceiling though as the imminent cave in could also warn you of a great Mega Symbol about to land


There is a very pacy and jaunty banjo and fiddle driven music track that adds extra excitement to Miner Donkey Trouble and keeps the sense of anticipation high.

Miner Donkey Trouble

Bonuses and extras

Miner Donkey Troubled is filled with features and bonuses. Wilds, Scatters, and Multipliers abound but there are no mini games unfortunately. Still, the features are definitely worth spinning the reels to try and hunt down and they can chain to offer some spectacular wins (up to a 10,000x max win).

Diamond Wilds

Diamond Wilds appear after landing the Miner’s Pickaxe or the Dynamite Scatters. Diamond Wilds substitute for all symbols except Golden Nuggets, Miner’s Pickaxe, and Dynamite Scatters.

Miner’s Pickaxe

Land a Miner’s Pickaxe to trigger 4x to 10x Diamond Wilds.

Dynamite Scatters

Dynamite Scatters remove any surrounding gem and rock symbols and add 2x additional Diamond Wilds. Landing 3x or more Dynamite Scatters in a single round will also trigger from 5x to 20x Free Spins

Random Mega Symbol

When the ceiling starts shaking and the dust starts falling it could mean a Random Mega Symbol that covers 2×2, 3×3, or 4×4 spaces is going to appear.

Golden Nugget Multiplier

Collect Golden Nuggets in the bottom row. Each Golden Nugget awards a +1 Multiplier up to 10x to your wins for that round.

Donkey Destruction

Every winning combo will fill up the carrot meter and unleash Donkey Destruction. Level 1 Donkey Destruction (bronze) removes all rock symbols. Level 2 Donkey Destruction (silver) removes all gems. Level 3 Donkey Destruction (gold) removes all rock and gem symbols and guarantees up to 4x Golden Nuggets.

Pros and cons


Packed with features

Great design and sound

Cluster pays and cascading reels


May be a bit complicated for traditional slots fans

The OCR verdict

Play’n GO have given the Online Casino Review team a great gaming experience with Miner Donkey Trouble. It’s fast, it’s fun, it’s exciting, and it is absolutely crammed with great features and enthralling gameplay.

Lovers of classic slots play will no doubt find Miner Donkey Trouble a little busy and confusing, but the OCR players absolutely adore online slots games that bring that extra innovation to the reels, and Play’n GO have done a great job in doing just that.

Highly recommended.

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