Best online gambling sites 2021

We’re almost at the halfway mark in another year of lockdowns, stay-at-homes, and quarantines. For us South Africans, it may seem even harder than for others because have such a beautiful country and so many amazing places we could be visiting.

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Useful tips for safe gambling

Online casinos and online gambling are super fun ways to spend some time winding down, and you could even make a little bit of profit while you play. But, as with anything related to the World Wide Web, there are nefarious individuals out there just itching to get their hands on your data – especially your financial information.

Do casinos control the roulette ball?

It’s every casino gambler’s dream: being able to predict exactly where that roulette ball will land every time.

Roulette is a popular game because the payout if you hit a single-number win is big: 35 to 1! If you knew where the ball was going to end up, and put down a R1,000 bet, you would walk away with R35k in profit. Pretty impressive.

What is online casino software?

Casinos and casino games have changed a lot since the first ancient peoples starting throwing knuckle bones or betting on whether the sun would come up if they didn’t sacrifice an enemy warrior on an altar. Writing systems brought in symbols and icons, the invention of paper ushered in playing cards and betting slips, mechanical ingenuity saw the development of slot machines

What is sports betting?

Around the world, millions of people gather at stadiums and in front of televisions at home and in pubs to watch their favourite sports team take on their rivals. It’s a showcase of skills and strength and endurance, pitting athletes against one another in feats of glory reminiscent of the gladiators of Ancient Rome.

How to play slot machines effectively

Slot machines are a mainstay of the casino environment and one of the most famous and recognisable casino games in the world. When we think about casinos and casino towns, we all picture the gambling floor with its rows and rows of slot machines, brightly lit, noisy, just waiting for someone to sit down and give the reels a spin.

The difference between online and live casinos

While many of us think, duh, an online casino is played on your computer and a live casino is playing at an actual brick-and-mortar casino, that’s not actually the whole story.

No Wager Bonuses

The online casino world is rife with new and innovative games, but there is one area where most gamblers tend to be a bit wary – the wagering requirements.
Wagering requirements are one of the most commonly found complaint areas on any online casino review site.

Tips and tricks for casino newbies

Navigating the casino world – land-based or online – can seem quite daunting. Add in the pressure of risking your money and you may very well decide to stop at the entrance and rather go watch a movie (although, with the price of popcorn, sweets and drinks at the concession stand you may just save money by going gambling – joking!).

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