Future trends in gambling

Predicting the future can be a mug’s game, but sometimes things just align so you can see trends coming over the horizon. If you ever want to have a good laugh, go look for articles on what people from the past thought living in the year 2000 would look like.

Top 5 online slots to celebrate South Africa’s Women’s Month

Women gamblers are a growing sector of the online casino market which is weird when you consider just how many women actually enjoy and dominate in the casino world. Not only are women a huge market at land-based casinos, especially on the slots side, women competitors in big event tournaments like the World Series of Poker and the international baccarat and blackjack tourneys regularly beat out their male competitors.

Can you really play and win with online gambling?

Online gambling is a massive industry and that comes with huge controversies and questions. One of the biggest doubts around online gambling, and a question that is often asked by South African gamblers exploring the virtual casino environment, is whether or not you can really win with online gambling.

3 out of this world slots to play this UFO Day

World UFO Day. What in the world (or rather – out of the world) is World UFO Day?
Well, it’s an awareness day. An awareness (for some) that we’re not alone in this universe. An acknowledgement that the universe may not revolve around our little blue marble as Earth has become known to those who have ventured beyond the limits of our atmosphere and gravity. It’s a day when people spend time studying the heavens to see if they can spot an Unidentified Flying Object.

New Free Spins No Deposit Casinos 2021

2021 has been a continuation of the dogshow that was 2020. Covid, variants, lockdowns, quarantines, and an increasingly isolated and home-bound life seems like it will be our reality for a while to come. Just as things seem to be easing back to normalcy, something, somewhere in the world, just sets us right back again.

Is it true that online casino games are rigged?

While there are a lot of stories – and a LOT of complaints on online forums – about the perceived honesty or fairness of online casino games and online or mobile casinos, the truth is that, quite simply, online casinos games are NOT rigged.

Best online gambling sites 2021

We’re almost at the halfway mark in another year of lockdowns, stay-at-homes, and quarantines. For us South Africans, it may seem even harder than for others because have such a beautiful country and so many amazing places we could be visiting.

PlayLive Booming Slots Tournament

It’s time to get your BOOM on!
Calling all slots lovers! PlayLive Casino and Booming Games are about to bring the boom to your gameplay with the PlayLive BOOMING Slots Tourney.

Useful tips for safe gambling

Online casinos and online gambling are super fun ways to spend some time winding down, and you could even make a little bit of profit while you play. But, as with anything related to the World Wide Web, there are nefarious individuals out there just itching to get their hands on your data – especially your financial information.

Do casinos control the roulette ball?

It’s every casino gambler’s dream: being able to predict exactly where that roulette ball will land every time.

Roulette is a popular game because the payout if you hit a single-number win is big: 35 to 1! If you knew where the ball was going to end up, and put down a R1,000 bet, you would walk away with R35k in profit. Pretty impressive.

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