Top 5 online slots to play on National Popcorn Day

Wednesday 19 January is National Popcorn Day, a day marked to celebrate this ubiquitous snack. Most of the world is aware of popcorn in some form or other, and usually it’s association with movies.

The most popular casino games in South Africa

South Africans are huge fans of betting and games of chance as is obvious to anyone who notices just how many casinos and casino resorts are scattered throughout our country.
According to a 2016 study, South Africans (back then) were huge fans of the Lottery, slots, scratchcards, and horse racing, with the National Lottery seeing almost 97% of the population trying their luck at hitting those massive jackpots.

Top 5 new slots dropping soon

It’s a New Year and what better way to head into 2022 than with a choice of great and thrilling new online slots games from the world’s best games providers? January 2022 is looking to be rich with brand new games coming out for all us South African online casino fans, and the range of online and mobile slots is stunning to say the least.

More top online casinos 2022

Our top online casinos for South Africans in 2022 is the definitive go-to guide for any South African online gamblers looking for legitimate, licensed online casinos that accept South African Rands. The Online Casino Review team picked our top 5 playing partners but we realised that there were at least 5 more outliers that could have broken into our list.

Top online casinos 2022

We thought this year was never going to end. The Online Casino Review team had flashbacks of 2020, fear of new lockdowns, the dread of yet another new variant on its way, and the wholesale cancellation of flights to anywhere meaning we were stuck right here at our desk (at home, thankfully, so we were at least surrounded by the things that give us comfort).

The psychology of the casino

What else do you need to attract players to a casino other than the allure of winning big bucks?
You would think that most casino players, online or in real life, would be quite happy to go to casinos just because they’re packed with all their favourite casino games – and the opportunity to beat the house and get some quick cash!

Do online Live Casinos cheat?

The single biggest concern for any gambler, in real life or virtual gambling, is whether they are getting a fair deal. Winning or losing is all a part of the gambling experience and a big reason for the thrill that gamblers experience but finding out that the odds were stacked against you because of underhanded cheating leaves a very bitter taste in any gamblers mouth.

Why is Fortune Mouse so popular?

Look, we love slots games. All slots games. From the super-basic 3-reel fruit machine classic to the latest and brightest feature-filled immersive versions. But Fortune Mouse? It’s really basic. It has no extra features. No bonus games. A simple 3×3 grid.
So why is it so popular?

Is Springbok Casino legit?

There are many online casinos targeting South African online gamblers which raises an important question: how many of these online gambling sites are legit?
Thankfully, Online Casino Reviews is able to answer – to a high degree of accuracy – whether your chosen online casino games partner is, in fact, a good one to be playing at.

What is the most trusted online casino?

It’s a very loaded question: what is the most trusted online casino? Not just because most online casino gamblers – especially online gamblers from South Africa – would most likely be looking for a casino that is legit rather than anything else.

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