An incredible, new – social – way to enjoy online slots

There’s a brand-new way of playing real money online slots at online and mobile casinos that brings together a fascinating community of fans – and is set to make the online casino community a social melting pot of thrills and interactions.

Taking online slots in a completely new direction

The Online Casino Review team were spending some quality time at LuckyDreams Casino when we noticed an odd little addition to their online casino games – Livespins.

Being the super curious fans of games of chance in all their forms, we decided to explore whatever Livespins happened to be – and we were wowed! It’s innovative. It’s exciting. And it’s bringing a much more inclusive social aspect to an online casino game that is famous for being a relatively solo endeavour up to now.


What is Livespins?

In a nutshell, Livespins is a livestreamed online slots game with a host who takes players through a bunch of different online slots games in real time. What makes this different to watching a YouTube video is that players can actually bet along with the streamer.

It sounds so simple we were wondering why we didn’t think of it first, but it actually opens up a vast new channel and opportunity for both online casino players and online casinos themselves: social online casino play!

How does Livespins work?

Livespins is incredibly good fun. For the younger generation of online casino players, think Twitch. For the older generation of online casino players, think live action online slots games with a host who spins the reels. It’s very much like being in a land-based casino with friends as you all watch one of your group playing a slot machine.

Lots of banter. Lots of excitement as the reels spin and the wins or close-to-wins hit. And lots of opportunities to join in the action.

And by join in the action we mean place your own bets and get your own wins.

Because you can bet behind the streamer, just like you would if you were betting behind someone on, for example, a blackjack table. You set your bet, choose the number of spins you want, hit Spin and then sit back and watch the action unfold – all while being entertained by the streamer and interacting with the other online players.

You can even choose to just watch what’s going on and chat with like-minded players without actually putting your real money down.

It’s really, really fun!

Livespins in a flash

Still unclear? Let’s break it down:

  • Livespins are online slots games
  • They are streamed live at an online casino
  • There is a streamer (host) who plays the online slots game for real money
  • Players can bet on the online slot just like they would on any online slots game
  • When the slot wins, the betting players win
  • There is also a fantastic community of players who can live chat with the streamer and with the other players
Live Spins game

How do online casino players join Livespins?

Livespins are currently only available at some select online and mobile casinos. South African online casino and online slots fans will have to check their chosen online casino to see if there is a Livespins tab. The OCR team were playing at LuckyDreams Casino ( – and you read our review on this fantastic casino in our Casino Reviews section), but we are 100% positive it’s going to start being seen a lot more very soon.

Getting into a Livespins session is as simple as clicking the Livespins tab if your chosen casino offers it. Players are taken to a Livespins page at the casino that has a number of different lobbies. Each of these lobbies is hosted by a streamer. Click the lobby you want to join and you’re ready to be a part of the social revolution in online gambling.

Who are the streamers?

The streamers are the hosts of each Livespins lobby. They are passionate online slots fans who will take players through a number of different online and mobile slots during their time on screen. Think of them as a combination of online gambler, online host, and online teacher because they play the game, they entertain the other players, and they even go through all the pay tables and potential bonuses and features of each online slots game.

These streamers come from all over the world and – to our utter joy – our very first session at a Livestream lobby was hosted by a streamer from South Africa! Shout out to ‘Hashtag’, you were awesome!

The slot game itself take pride of place on the screen with the streamer being a smaller character at the bottom and the chats all happening on a bar on the side. For those players who have never been a part of a live stream, the streamer has a camera so you can see what they are doing and a microphone so you can hear what they are saying. They interact with, and react to, whatever is happening on their screen – including commenting and replying to whatever the players on the live chat are saying.

What is the players role in Livespins?

Entertaining and awesome as the streamers are, it’s the other online players who have a big role in making Livespins so cool.

There are two aspects to the online players in Livespins:

  1. They are gamblers playing the slots game, and
  2. They are a community of like-minded and passionate players who create a social vibe to what can be quite a lonely hobby

On the gambling side, players can choose to gamble behind the streamer. Using their own casino wallets, they place their own bets on the online or mobile slots game. If the reels stop and the symbols line up for a win, they win just as if they were the ones playing the game.

Players can set their own bet amounts and their own number of spins.

On the social side, players can chat to each other and the streamer using the live chat feature. It makes for hugely entertaining and social interaction. While all the players can hear and see what the streamer is saying and doing, players (and the streamer) can’t see or hear each other.

What online slots are on Livespins?

Livespins streamers go through a lot of different online slots games during their time in the lobby. They choose their favourite online slots and players can recommend slots game for them to play. The streamers do not stick to only one slots game during their session, they tend to play a game for a while (up to 100 spins at times) and then move on to another game. If they aren’t entertained or are not making any wins, they can choose to hit a different game.

It’s very much in line with the speed and thrills of online slots playing – fast, changing frequently, grabbing wins and unlocking features, and moving on to a new game to keep the entertainment going.

Big name studios like Relax Gaming, Yggdrasil, Booming Games, iSoftbet, Kalamba, Fantasma, Fugasi, BGaming, and many more are already on board with Livespins and the streamers are bringing a new way of enjoying these famous name games to a worldwide audience.

Where does Livespins come from?

Livespins is the brainchild of the developers at as a way to create a new, social aspect to online slots play.

The idea was first launched to the public at the iGaming NEXT summit in Malta in October 2021. The concept was to bring a Twitch-like experience into the online casino world, but it grew from there to include participation by players in the form of placing their own bets to give them an even more engaging and personal experience. And to amp up the thrills, of course.

Since it’s unveiling, Livespins has been further developed and updated to, in their own words, “socially charge the igaming space through shared experiences whilst creating a new category of play.”

And they are gaining a ton of traction and interest in the industry so expect to see Livespins at your favourite online and mobile casino VERY soon!

It’s left the OCR teams’ heads spinning!

The online casino world is well-known for being innovative, for being leaders in the virtual and digital industry. Livespins is adding to that reputation. While live streaming is not new, the online social world is not new, and online slots are certainly not new, bringing all these modern concepts together to create a social slant to an online world that can be rather lonely is a flipping brilliant innovation. 

We can’t tell you how many times we’ve called other OCR team members over to watch as we unlock a feature or hit a big win. But, when you’re sitting alone at home spending some downtime on your favourite online casino games, who can you share the excitement and joy with?

This is where Livespins are shaking up what the online casino industry, and the online casino community, can be in the future. Now, online slots players from South Africa can play their favourite games for real money while being entertained by a streamer from England or America or India or just Durban while interacting and chatting with players from every corner of the world, sharing laughs, groans, ideas, experiences, and a life way beyond the confines of a screen,

  • Pick your favourite streamer
  • Bet behind them
  • Engage with your community

Online casinos have always had a feel that it’s YOUR online casino. Now it’s your online casino, socially charged!

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