Mines review

The perfect game to while away some time on your mobile. Mines from Spribe is a great mix of luck, strategy, and customisation that will remind you of the classic PC game with an added cash incentive.

The basics

Software: Spribe

Type: Mini Game

Reels: 5×5 grid

Paylines: N/A

RTP: 97%

Bet range: 0.1 to 100.00

Bonus features: None

Volatility: High

Mobile version: Yes

Hit or miss: Hit

Mines graphics

The OCR review


When you’re sitting waiting for a meeting or an appointment, you really want something that will take your mind off the mundane and give you a bit of a thrill. Mines is a great option! Spribe have presented a very simple concept that works fantastically on mobile (and is also just as good on desktop) that brings a bit of the old real risk for real reward and real money to the classic Minesweeper game that was ubiquitous on PCs back in the day.

What sets Mine apart and makes it a great option for online casino game fans is that it’s not just your usual online slot game – there is an element of strategy involved. Players can choose how many bombs will be hidden on the 5×5 grid and then get to pick stars and avoid these bombs to build up their wins.

Players can choose to collect their winnings at any time but the more stars you pick with no explosions, the more you win. And the more mines you choose to be hidden, the bigger the potential win.


Mines has no symbols apart from the Star and the Mine.


Graphics are super simple with the intention of Mines being a very mobile focussed, quick to play game.


No music but there are little effects on the grid.

Bonuses and extras

No bonuses or other features.

Pros and cons


Quite a challenging game

Very simple graphics for ease of use on mobile


Very basic in terms of graphics and sound

No bonuses or features

The OCR verdict

Mines from Spribe is a basic gameplay at it best, married to the potential to score big wins. It’s the perfect gambling enhancement to a simple but challenging game that we at OCR find ourselves visiting whenever we have a few minutes to kill while waiting for life to get going (also known as meetings).


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